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Our company, Rectitude Pte Ltd has established at year 1997, the company registration number is 199708654N


Rectitude Pte Ltd: Your Go-To Supplier for Safety Equipment in Southeast Asia

If you are looking for a reliable supplier of safety equipment in Southeast Asia, look no further than Rectitude Pte Ltd. As one of the top hardware companies in Singapore, we offer a wide range of labour protection products, safety shoes, lifeline, fire extinguishers, and other safety equipment. Our chain of hardware shops has been steadily growing, and we are proud to say that our turnover is increasing year by year.

At Rectitude, we are dedicated to providing high-quality safety equipment to our customers. We understand the importance of personal protective equipment (PPE) in the workplace, and we strive to offer the best products available. Our expertise in PPE safety products sets us apart from other safety equipment suppliers in Asia, and we are proud to be the largest group of PPE equipment suppliers and manufacturers in Southeast Asia.

Our great variety of PPE products means that we can meet the needs of businesses in a wide range of industries. Whether you are looking for safety shoes, helmets, gloves, or any other type of safety equipment, we have you covered. Our products are designed to meet the highest safety standards, and we use only the best materials to ensure their durability and effectiveness.

As a manufacturer of safety PPE equipment, we have the capability to produce customised safety products according to our clients' needs. This means that we can provide you with PPE that is tailored to your specific requirements. Our dedication to quality and customer satisfaction has helped us build a loyal customer base, and we are committed to maintaining this standard as we continue to grow.

Looking to the future, our goal is to cover the entire Southeast Asian market with our safety equipment. We plan to open more hardware chain shops in Southeast Asian countries one after another, and become the largest and biggest safety equipment distributor in Asia. We are determined to maintain our position as the largest PPE supplier and manufacturer in Southeast Asia, and we are excited about the opportunities that lie ahead.

In summary, if you are looking for a reliable supplier of safety equipment in Southeast Asia, look no further than Rectitude Pte Ltd. With our expertise in PPE safety products, great variety of PPE products, and commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, we are the South East Asia Mega Biggest Safety PPE Manufacturer and Largest PPE supplier and manufacturer in the region. Contact us today to learn more about our products and services!

The objectives for which the company is established are:
  1. To carry on the business of manufactures, maintainers, repairers of and dealers in switchboard apparatus and electronic communication and signaling equipment.
  2. To carry on the business of manufactures, importers, exporters, merchants, agents and distributors of and dealers in appliances and accessories, and all kinds of articles or things of a character similar of analogous to the foregoing, or any of them, or connected therewith.
  3. To manufacture and produce and either as principals or agents, trade and deal in any articles.
  4. To supply, import and export the construction material and equipment.
  5. To purchase establish and carry on business as general merchants, manufacturers, exporters, commission agents; Buy and sell manufacture, repair, alter, improve, exchange, let out on hire, import, export and deal in all works, plant, machinery, tools, utensils, appliances, apparatus, products, materials, substances, articles and things capable of being used in any business which our company is competent to carry on to required by any customers of or persons having dealings with the company.
  6. To do all or any of the above things in any part of the world, and either as principals, agents, trustees, contractors or otherwise, and either alone or in conjunction with others, and either by or through agent, trustees, sub-contractors or otherwise.
Fire Extinguisher Supplier in Singapore, Brunei, Malaysia, Indonesia and Vietnam

We deal with the best fire extinguishers for home and for commercial infrastructure. Portable fire extinguishers are easily carried and adjusted whereas for buildings, large cabinets are placed for safety measures. We also manufacture fire alarms for emergency outlet.

Our manufacturing is not restricted to these two products; we also offer fire extinguisher frames which are stylish and cover less space than cabinets. Fire extinguisher supplier Singapore has a wide range of fire equipments such as fire alarms, portable fire extinguishers, fire extinguisher cabinets and fire extinguisher frames of different sizes, shapes and weight. Singapore exports all its fire extinguishers to many countries such as Malaysia, Brunei, Indonesia and Vietnam.

Brunei has a large number of safety equipment demand such as personal protection equipment(PPE), safety shoes and fire extinguisher, they export a large number of safety equipment from us—the leading safety equipment supplier.

Malaysia also has a large number of products for safety purposes which are of high quality and cost efficient. Fire extinguisher supplier Malaysia offers fire extinguisher of different weights and sizes for home and commercial purposes. Fire alarms are of two types; one with the PVC coating and another with aluminum coating. Both are reliable and trusted for best use. Moreover, the cabinets are of various sizes for large infrastructure purposes.

Indonesia is also one of the exporters and distributors for fire extinguishers. They export a large number according to the order and demand of the customer. Quality assurance is fully supported and samples are shown before manufacturing for customer satisfaction. Safety is the main role for which work is better done in alignment and attentiveness. Fire extinguishers supplier Indonesia is trusted for the raw material they use for production.

Another large distribution is carried through Vietnam. Fire extinguisher supplier imports and exports products to all neighboring countries with huge production packages all over and safe delivery is further done for customers. Services are well distributed between the employees for maximum sales with positive outcomes. Strapping supplier delivers fire extinguisher cabinets which are generally made of steel and high quality pure material.

Safety Equipment Supplier in Singapore, Brunei, Malaysia, Indonesia & Vietnam

We have been growing by manufacturing single little product to large industrial manufacturers for more than a decade. Our business is spread all over Singapore and neighboring countries too. We deal with the import and export activities plus we are an organization that manufactures huge quantity of products for government.

Safety equipment supplier deal with the products for safety purposes that include safety boots, fall arrest and fire extinguishers. Safety equipment Singapore deliver world class fashionable, high quality and reasonable products which are compatible for all sizes and shapes. Singapore is at its best for manufacturing and exporting within given time frame.

We have a hold in Malaysia too where work is done in systematic order keeping in mind the quality and accuracy for best outcome. We also deliver our products to Malaysia, Indonesia and also have a huge set up here. Safety equipment Malaysia is well known for its safety boots made of black grain leather of different styles and shapes that would definitely entice people. Sports shoes, formal shoes, high boots are the main attraction for all customers.

Safety equipment Indonesia has a huge manufacturing setup for all kinds of safety equipment such as safety shoes, full body harness especially made of aluminum, single and double lanyard with its hooks also made of aluminum. Indonesia manufactures products in bulk with insurance facility that is a plus point for increase in sales.

Safety equipment Brunei has exported all kind of safety equipment from us—the leading safety equipment supplier, the products are including safety shoes, full body harness especially made of aluminum, single and double lanyard with its hooks also made of aluminum. Brunei manufactures products in bulk with insurance facility that is a plus point for increase in sales.

Vietnam also deals with the safety products that are delivered all over Vietnam with remarkable approach. Safety equipment Indonesia is well set for safety boots, quality fall arrest and fire extinguishers. All measure a high ratio of quality and delivery which is well suited by all customers. Each and every demand and interest is kept in mind at the time of manufacturing additionally orders are also handled and delivered at the respective date and time.

Body Safety Harness Product Suppliers in Singapore, Brunei, Malaysia, Indonesia & Vietnam

Safety harnesses we manufacture deliver quality work and accuracy for the safety products. Our organization is well trusted for raw material we use for production. Additionally our services are well organized and timely delivered.

In Singapore, we have the leading production organization, manufacturing harness product for more than a decade. Not only this, safety harness suppliers Singapore export high quality harness products to different countries with reasonable charges. Discount is also offered sometimes on particular product. Our brand is well-versed and trusted by all over Singapore and across.

Our set up in Malaysia is also known for its best quality and services. Safety harness suppliers Malaysia manufacture harness products with lanyard made of aluminum. We also produce single and double lanyard which are strong enough with hooks that are made of aluminum too. Malaysia is also famous for its restraint belt, fall arrester and rope anchor line. We spread our production to Indonesia and Vietnam too safety harness is best judged and supplied.

Safety harness suppliers Indonesia maintain a fixed channel for delivering of products. Best qualities products can be seen at our store with safety keeping in mind your choice and interest. Indonesia offer online purchasing too which is easily possible with us. All insurance strategies are also followed for the misplacing or damage of the product.

Brunei is our new set-up safety equipment market, we are one of the leading safety equipment supplier in Brunei, the manufacturers and government are focusing on safety hazards and minimize accidents by export large number of safety products from Singapore, especially body safety harness equipment.

Vietnam is equally responsible for export and import of safety harness products. Various shapes and sizes are prepared at our organization with quality work and healthy environment. Safety harness suppliers are very hard working and devoted to work 24*7. Safety body harness suppliers deliver high quality and safe equipments for safety with best outcomes.

Safety Shoes Suppliers in Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei, Indonesia & Vietnam

We are one of the leading manufacturers of shoes that are always in great demand for its style and beauty. We are probably the most trusted brand in the society and all over Singapore. In terms of quality we believe in best raw material purchased for production. We never compromise with the quality or with the safety. Safety shoes suppliers Singapore deliver shoes and boots which are made of fine leather. They are water proof plus very comfortable at every occasion and travel. Safety boot suppliers Singapore has a shape and a unique style statement moreover reliable and compatible for every generation.

Not only Singapore but Malaysia also expands their business for the production of shoes and boots. Shoes are of fine leather with various styles and uniqueness. Safety shoes suppliers Malaysia has magnificent structure which is very attractive and comfortable. Boots are also the main attraction of people nowadays. Boots we manufacture are zip-up and sport shaped boots. They are very comfortable at the winter and rainy season.

Brunei is a great safety shoes market for us, we have exported large number of safety equipment to Brunei in recent years. Their manufacturers and government are trying their best to minimize the accident in order to protect their people, we respect them and provide top level quality safety shoes to them.

Indonesia is also in the race of safety shoes suppliers. Safety shoes supplier Indonesia charge reasonable prices and also delivers to their destination within given deadlines. Products manufactured and exported are well maintained in packages and delivered timely.

We also have online facilities for the delivery of products with contact details and website email id. We have a strong relation with the Vietnam suppliers who very enthusiastically handle all imports and exports very accurately. Time management is very important in business deals so Vietnam has a very good record of supplier.

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